The Band


is made of musicians sharing their passion for playing metal, obviously, and delivering this live on stage to represent an entire genre and era.

We perform the most outstanding songs from the entire spectrum of heavy metal – live in one set and as close to the original as possible.



TIM Buse


Tim does not see the challenge of mastering such a bandwitdh of styles too seriously – he just does it.





Uli Mücke

Solo Guitar & Backing Vocals

Uli can play more and faster octaves than Tim, but has to tune his guitar for that.






Anthony La Monc

IT-Stuff …
and Drums

Tony is not only able to mimic specific drummers’ styles, but also to explain each song’s bells and whistles in detail, insisting on one or the thing tolerantly … permanently … 






Max McMillan

Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals

Not only does Max help the band musically, but he also rescues them optically.







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